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Balçık Mah, Organize Cd. 3238 Sk, D:No:16, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli
+90 (850) 88 0219


Expoplast Plastics retains a production policy that is truly conscious of the necessity of using resources economically and maintaining the quality of life without consuming the future in order to make sure all members of society can sustain utmost life conditions in the path of economic growth and increase of welfare.

One of the forerunning organizations of the packaging industry in terms of disposable cups, Expoplast Plastics possesses 23 years of practice and experience. The brand has been continuing production under its own brand name "Expoplast" at its facilities in Istanbul, Tuzla with 8,000 m2 open area and 5,800 m2 closed area since 1991. It offers standard and custom produced solutions to meet customers all packaging needs in light of its quality, trust, speed and variety principles. It sustains its position as the largest organization in the country thanks to its capacity increases through new investments and its variety of disposable cup products.

The company exports to a total of 45 countries in Europe, South America, North Africa and Middle East.